We are so smart, we don’t have answers to our own questions

Smart cities are talked about as if they are a real eventuality in the future. Our cities can evolve in a direction which is smart or intelligent only if we first know ourselves up to a certain degree. Knowing ourselves is not easy. But it is doable. Why is self-knowledge a pre-condition to the realization […]

The sound of one hand clapping

Every time we say something there are deep reverberations in the world around us. If we can hear and understand the reverberations, an episode of deep hearing happens. If we cannot hear or understand, we think there is silence in the world. Either we said something very brilliant or something not worthy of a response. […]

Why we feel poor

Whether we feel we are in plenty or feel in lack doesn’t depend on how much we have but depends on how much we participate in exchanges. Exchanging our personal time and not our material wealth with the output of the personal time of others. Actually occupying ourselves with doing things that contribute to the […]